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Our process




We offer bespoke educational programmes for the students you are finding it difficult to engage.


Our fully qualified teachers devise adaptable schemes of work that provide opportunities for both academic and personal development.


We use a mentoring approach which allows us to break down barriers to learning so your students can begin to re-engage with their education.

Our versatile approach allows us to work around issues to ensure that your students can always access education. 


We offer consistent, fun and personalised mentoring designed around the interests and goals of the students we are referred.

We provide opportunities and experiences your students could not access themselves. 

We have no goal other than ensuring your students have fun. The mentors we employ see your students as people, not people needing help - simply people.

This mentoring approach was piloted at a PRU within Islington. Ofsted commented students were "...mentored effectively to promote their mental resilience and personal independence."

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