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Utilise our experience and upskill your staff team so they can better support the children you serve.

Upskill your staff

Our interventions have proven to be transformative.

We provide staff with the tools they need to implement our programmes within their schools. Through case studies and student testimonies, we bring the theory of our approach to life and empower staff to drive change in their own settings.   

By the end of our sessions, your staff will have plans they can use to guide mentoring interventions for children within your schools.  

Click on the link below to get in contact with us to schedule a call so we can talk about the training needs you would like us to meet.


An individualised approach is taken to each student that means support is bespoke and effective. Modelling of positive interactions with students demonstrates to staff effective mentoring approaches, enabling staff who are trained by CAPE to add capacity to our mentoring provision.
Daniel Cain-Reed, Assistant Headteacher, Haringey Learning Partership